About Science in space

The Space Explorer Camp inspires young people with an exceptional experience, helping them to understand our fascinating planet and the solar system, and generating excitement and interest in the universe by providing a unique hands-on adventure in the fields of space science and technology. 

During the one-week daily event, participants enjoy hands-on workshops, and learn about the UAE National Space Programme, space technologies and the diverse environments in the solar system. They engage with MBRSC project leaders and team members of the UAE Astronaut Programme, the Emirates Mars Mission – Hope Probe, Mars 2117, and the Satellite Development Programme. They even design, build and launch their own rocket models, and witness the operations of a real satellite in MBRSC’s Mission Control Centre.

3D modelling, building on Mars, electrical soldering, moon rovers, and the questions surrounding Mars versus Earth, are just some of the other fascinating topics to fire up their imagination and inspire a desire to learn more.


The two separate camps, held at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai, target boys and girls in two age groups: 11-14 and 15 - 18 years. This is the ideal age for them to start making decisions about a future in the space science and technology sector.


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