Satellite Programme

  • Category Satellites
  • Satellite Name DubaiSat-1


DubaiSat-1 was the UAE’;s first Earth observation satellite. Its creation played a critical role in the knowledge and skills development of the first Emirati space-specialised engineers in South Korea. In the six years following its launch in 2009, DubaiSat-1’s spectacular Mid-resolution images, transmitted for analysis to the ground station at MBRSC, contributed to the country’s sustainable development and urban planning processes, including some of the UAE’s most iconic developments, such as Palm Jumeira and Al Maktoum Airport. It also assisted in monitoring environmental changes and weather patterns across the Asian continent, and supported natural disaster relief efforts, most notably, the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.


  • Launched 29th July 2009 on board a Dnepr rocket from Kazakhstan
  • Designed & Manufactured: MBRSC Emirati/South Korean team in South Korea.
  • Altitude: 682 km (sun-synchronous low Earth orbit), Mass: 200kg
  • Orbit speed: 98.1 minutes to orbit Earth
  • Mission: Remote sensing, Mid-res electro-optical images for international scientific, sustainable planning, and disaster relief purposes
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