Satellite Programme

  • Category Satellites
  • Satellite Name DubaiSat-2


Design and manufacture of DubaiSat-2 began immediately following the launch of DubaiSat-1, this time with a predominantly Emirati team of engineers working alongside their South Korean associates at MBRSC’s Korean satellite manufacturing partner, Satrec Initiative. The advanced observation satellite was launched from Russia in November 2013, becoming the UAE’s second satellite in orbit. The creation of DubaiSat-2 played a major scientific role in the knowledge development journey of MBRSC and its engineers, incorporating innovative specifications and technology that surpassed the capabilities of its forerunner.Its sophisticated technical specs include:

  • Propulsion system enables it to control its altitude and allows automatic orbit correction in case of deviation
  • Enhanced maneuvering and speed capabilities
  • Capacity to store up to 17,000 km2 of image data


  • Launched 21st November 2013 on board a Dnepr rocket from Yasny, Russia
  • Designed & Manufactured: MBRSC Emirati/South Korean team in South Korea.
  • Altitude: 600 km (sun-synchronous low Earth orbit), Mass: 300kg
  • Bus dimensions: 1.5 m x 1.95 m
  • Mission: Remote sensing, high-res electro-optical images for international scientific, sustainable planning, and disaster relief purposes
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