These services include ground station leasing to satellite companies to receive and download its satellite imagery, and antenna hosting services along with maintenance through a team of specialists who develop the necessary infrastructure and assist in its management.

Ground Station Leasing

MBRSC Ground Station is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and managed by high-calibre technical specialists and engineers who ensure the efficient implementation of diverse operations, from routine maintenance services to long-term operations.

The centre’s mid-latitude ground station services 

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Antenna Hosting Service

MBRSC offers its antenna hosting services to local and international companies and institutions, enabling them to take advantage of high-end infrastructure equipped according to the highest standards. This service includes land leasing within the MBRSC grounds for local and international customers who wish to install an antenna in the Gulf region.

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Imagery Product Samples

_background-khalifasat.png KhalifaSat.png


KhalifaSat is one of the world’s most technologically advanced remote sensing observation satellites – and the first 100% designed and manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. It was launched into low Earth orbit (Approximately 613 km in altitude) in October 2018, beginning a 5-year mission to capture and transmit high-quality detailed images of Earth to the MBRSC in Dubai.

_background-khalifasat.png dubaisat.png


Design and manufacture of DubaiSat-2 began immediately following the launch of DubaiSat-1, this time with a predominantly Emirati team of engineers working alongside their South Korean associates at MBRSC’s Korean satellite manufacturing partner, Satrec Initiative. The advanced observation satellite was launched from Russia in November 2013, becoming the UAE’s second satellite in orbit.

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