FAQs for UAE Analog Mission

Mission-specific questions

Analog missions are field tests that are done in a facility that shares alike physical similarities with a specific space exploration mission. Analog missions are a chance to test several scenarios that could take place in space, and generate a solution manual to future space missions.

The Second analog mission is in partnership with NASA HRP, specifically the HERA Facility

CrewTWO is the second Analog mission to take place under the UAE analog mission program part of MARS 2117 program.

Anyone that has a passion for space and can accept the challenge.

For future explorations, whether be it to Mars or any other mission, crewmembers will be in spending long durations in a specific area or even a spacecraft. Knowing what happens to the body, both physiologically and psychologically, allow us to better prepare for our future missions.

Yes, the mission is in collaboration with NASA and there will be a multicultural crew from different backgrounds.

The UAE Analog Mission will be a stepping stone to our future space missions.

These Analog missions will allow us to visualize our future goals and manned explorations.

The applicant needs to have a BMI of 18.5-30. One should also complete all medical tests that defines him/her fit to be nominated for this mission.

UAE Analog 1UAE Analog 2
8 months45 days
70 scientific studies20 scientific studies

Previous analog missions have shown that certain crew members develop behavioural and cognitive conditions such as sleep disorder, fatigue, sleep disorders and even depression. All these conditions allow space agencies and academia to better comprehend the importance of psychology and physiology of a human in the success of any space mission.

The candidates will have a certain schedule every day that will vary from exercise, research analysis, blood sample collection and other activities that will be decided based on the mission objectives.

Yes, the candidates will be isolated for 45 days  with no interaction will the outside world. They will be able to contact the mission command control and their families through various communication methods.

1 prospective crewmember and 1 backup crewmember

The crewmember that will complete the mission will be a part of the ongoing studies and tests that support in comprehending the logistics of going on long duration space missions.

It is best to have a Higher degree in related STEM fields.

The mission will take place in Houston,Texas,USA in four missions per campaign.

Applicants needs to initially fill the forms online, ensuring they meet the minimum requirements, and at a later stage a medical examination will be done to ensure they are fit to be nominated.

Most definitely, we are always exploring missions that trigger our space curiosity.

Candidate-specific questions

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