MBRSC has strong ties with internationally influential organizations, universities and faculties that specialize in space science. It aims to contribute in ways that enrich human knowledge and support scientific development worldwide.
MBRSC supports the Dubai Government’s plans aimed towards establishing a knowledge-based economy and works on positioning the UAE amongst the most innovative countries in the world in the space sector.

Innovation Hub

A space industry specific Innovation Hub offering incubation services, mentorship, creative co-working space and laboratories. The Hub also issues business licenses and visas for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

World Space Sustainability Association

Space is the common heritage of humankind and needs to be managed in a sustainable manner. As humankind extends its involvement in space, with increasing numbers of near-Earth and interplanetary exploration and exploitation missions, an organized space sustainability community and forum is needed to embrace the entire spectrum of space risks. These include:
  • Space environment (e.g. solar flares, radiation, debris).
  • Space manufacturing (e.g. quality, new technology, reusability).
  • Space security (e.g. cybersecurity for space and ground-based systems, interferences, in-orbit servicing, anti-satellite devices, counterfeited parts, security of ground stations and manufacturing/launching facilities).
  • Space regulation (e.g. international and national space laws, state financing, government incentives, space-related institutions).
  • Space business and private enterprise (e.g. financing, business plans).
  • Earth sustainability (e.g. environmental impact of space activities, direct and indirect benefits to society).
MBRSC and its partners (Elseco and Herbert Smith Freehills) are launching the World Space Sustainability Association to foster space sustainability discussions and innovations on a global scale, among other objectives such as:
  • Facilitating and promoting the sharing of sustainable space operations knowledge and experience within the global community.
  • Enabling conversations within the community through periodic conferences, workshops and publications.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the publication and dissemination of managerial and technical information concerning sustainable space operations.
  • Organizing the Space Sustainability Forum and mini-events.
  • Expanding membership to include organizations with an interest in sustainable space development, including manufacturers, operators, space agencies, space associations, investors and insurers.
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