The MBRSC Deep Learning camp is a three-day course introducing you to deep learning and how it applies to satellite imagery. The Centre is a prominent venue for university students, where it will provide an opportunity to learn about the crucial and cutting-edge facets of deep learning. The camp begins with a theoretical part of defining deep knowledge and its uses, emphasizing object detection in satellite imagery. After that, hands-on training will be conducted, including labelling, training, and detection—using Python and Google Colab. Finally, A hackathon competition with an excellent reward is included.

This year’s theme will focus on building detection with an opportunity to work with Khalifa-Sat satellite imagery, MBRSC’s most advanced satellite.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarize with deep learning and artificial intelligence concepts.
  • Learn how to utilize satellite images.
  • Learn to label, train and detect from satellite images dataset.
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