A launchpad for your Space Startup

MBRSC’s Space Ventures serves as a launchpad for promising startups in the space sector by partnering with them on long-term projects, exposing them to funding, and providing them with the regulatory know-how and technology to attain viability and sustainable growth for the future. We have partnered with the leading incubators and accelerators in the region to provide the right kind of push for promising space startups. If your space venture has the potential to make it in this dynamic sector, we will offer you a launchpad to thrive in the UAE’s rapidly growing space economy.

Space Ventures Vision

  • To create a thriving space technology ecosystem in the UAE
  • To create an innovative and symbiotic Public-Private-Partnership model for the UAE’s space sector
  • Enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of MBRSC’s projects
  • Create jobs in the UAE’s space sector for capability building
  • Promote the UAE’s vision of transforming into a knowledge-based and digital economy

Who is it for?

From small companies with big ideas, to established entities with a desire to expand, Space Ventures is looking to build solid partnerships in the upstream and downstream areas of the space sector. We are looking for novel ideas and technologies.


  • Communications
  • Data storage and processing
  • Earth Observation Data and Value Add Products and Systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Space Sustainability, including Food, Water and Energy Security
  • Data fusion
  • Automatic object detection using AI 
  • Space Craft Simulation Environments


  • Satellite Manufacture and Launch
  • Space Hardware and Software
  • Advanced materials 
  • Satellite Payloads
  • Robotics for Space .
  • Energy Storage for Space

Space Exploration and Sciences

  • Food, Water and Energy and Oxygen Security in Space
  • Space Robotics
  • Manufacturing in Space

Overcoming the Hurdles in the Space Startup Ecosystem


Hurdle: Access to sufficient funding is by far the most vital factor for emerging space companies

Space Ventures Solution: Exposes emerging space startups to funding opportunities, and providing contracts for qualified startups

Regulatory Barriers

Hurdle: Global regulatory environments remain a major hurdle for companies looking to launch or have assets launched into space

Space Ventures Solution: Helps space startups navigate regulatory landscape owing to MBRSC’s expertise as a government space entity

Technology Development

Hurdle: Having a flight-proven product remains a competitive advantage

Space Ventures Solution: Provides access to state-of-the-art labs, technology, space tech specialists and networks of MBRSC

Market readiness

Hurdle: Besides signing MoU’s, space startups need to turn them into profit-making contracts and deliverables

Space Ventures Solution: Provides proof of concept contracts to deserving startups and integrating them with UAE space missions

Private sector Inclusion

Hurdle: Not enough private sector involvement in the Space Ecosystem

Space Ventures Solution: Support establishment of private space sector in the UAE, which will also expose them to the region and internationally

Local New Business hurdles

Hurdle: Business licenses, visas, business practices can be challenging for setting up a business in a new market

Space Ventures Solution: Soft landing programmes such as incubation, mentoring, networking, etc.

Other benefits

Thriving ecosystem

Startups will benefit from the UAE’s active and progressive space programme

Technical expertise

Startups will gain from the expertise of MBRSC in space research and exploration

A nascent market

A new and booming space sector in the UAE will offer countless opportunities of growth for space startups

Culture of innovation

Startups will benefit from the pro-innovation environment in the UAE as it transforms into a knowledge-economy strongly driven by the Government

Accelerated growth

Through Space Ventures partnerships with Incubators, Accelerators, Academia, Investors, Markets, etc.

Non-exclusive collaboration

Space Ventures encourages partners to collaborate with other entities

UAE’s – The perfect launch site for your start-up

The UAE offers a thriving space sector that has evolved rapidly over the years. Space is a key sector in the UAE’s Higher Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation. By setting ambitious goals, the country has achieved remarkable success in the past decade with the development and launch of multiple satellites and a crewed mission to the International Space Station. In 2020, the UAE is poised to launch its first interplanetary mission, the Emirates Mars Mission to provide the first ever wholistic study of the Martian atmosphere. The country has also set a long-term strategy to establish a human settlement on Mars by the year 2117. Thus, establishing the Mars2117 programme to support humanity in achieving this.

Guided by the vision of our wise leadership, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to explore celestial bodies, develop satellite technology and deploy the latest space technologies in terrestrial applications. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one) with a dream to create a business in space technologies, a small business in the sector, or an established company looking to establish a subsidiary, the UAE is the perfect launch site for your long-term vision. MBRSC Space Ventures will give your business a soft landing into the UAE’s space ecosystem and help you accelerate your growth.

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