About Space Explorer Camp

Space Explorer Camp is a leading initiative, launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), to provide young enthusiasts an exceptional experience in space exploration and to help them understand our fascinating planet and the solar system. The Space Explorer Camp will ignite their passion for the universe by providing a unique hands-on experience on space science and technology.

Participants will receive lessons from specialists in the UAE space program, space technologies, and the different environments of the solar system. They will meet the leaders and members of the following teams in person:

UAE Astronaut Programme | Emirates Mars Mission – Hope Probe | Mars 2117 | Satellite Development Programme (KhalifaSat)

In practical sessions they will design, build, and launch their own rocket models. In MBRSC’s mission control they will witness the operations of a real satellite.

This Space Explorer Camp will be a unique learning experience. It includes daily educational activities, programmes, and practical and theoretical competitions at the end of the camp. The camp aims to encourage participants to learn about space, develop their skills in innovation and creativity, and provide them with the necessary technical skills through activities.

Space Explorer Camp Activities

This one week programme, involves hands-on workshops focusing on and providing insight and understanding of:

  • Satellites and clean room
  • The ISS and what do astronaut do
  • Robotics
  • Mapping Mars
  • Our Solar System

Camp Details

AGE GROUPS: 11 to 14 years

Boys Camp: 22 Dec – 24 Dec
Girls Camp: 15 Dec – 17 Dec

Fee: 750.00 AED
Registration ends on 14th Dec

LOCATION: Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

Online Registration – Apply Now!

To register, click the link below and follow the steps provided on the form, and you will hear back from us very soon. For any questions please contact spaceexplorers@mbrsc.ae or call us on +971 50 1449465

Frequently Asked Questions

Space Explorer Camp is an initiative by Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre which aims to introduce the younger generations to space sciences.

No, Space Explorer Camp us a daytime camp (9:00am to 2:00pm).

MBRSC will provide a meal for the students.

Parents are responsible for the commute of the students. However, as part of the camp, transport for a planned field trip that MBRSC will organize will be provided from MBRSC to the destination and back.

The camp is conducted in the English language.

The Space Explorer Camp is a Mars 2117 initiative

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