Hazzaa Ali AlMansoori

UAE Astronaut

  • Date of Birth:
    13 December 1983
  • Education:
    Bachelor of Aviation Science, Khalifa bin Zayed Air College, 2004
  • Previous Occupation:
    UAE military pilot

UAE Astronaut:

Hazzaa AlMansoori is the first Emirati astronaut. In 2019, he embarked on the UAE’s first scientific mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The mission carried the slogan ‘Zayed’s Ambition’, making the UAE the 19th country worldwide, and the first country in the Arab region, to travel to the ISS.

AlMansoori also became the back-up Astronaut for Sultan AlNeyadi, for the UAE’s second mission to the ISS, which is also the longest Arab space mission. He also became the first Arab Increment Lead for an ISS expedition during this mission. In his role as lead, Al Mansoori guided the ISS crew through every aspect of the mission.

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