MBRSC’s scientific and technological advancements are realising the UAE’s future at the forefront of space capabilities. 

MBRSC manufactures and operates Earth observation satellites, is responsible for the UAE’s mission to reach Mars by 2021, manages the national Astronaut Programme, and is developing the country’s Mars 2117 vision to build the first human colony on Mars.

OUR VISION is to be a leading, globally recognised centre in space science and technological innovation, to enrich human knowledge. 

WE ARE COMMITTED to building a sustainable space science and advanced technology sector that contributes to the establishment of the knowledge-based economy. We also aim to launch and implement advanced space projects and to prepare a generation of Emirati scientists who will take our country towards a brighter future.


The strategic plans of the MBRSC have been developed in line with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. They contribute to building a knowledge-based economy in the country and achieving sustainable development objectives.

OUR GOAL is to establish the space sector and advanced technology in the UAE. 



  • 1

    Develop the UAE’s space science sector and prepare new generations of Emirati engineers, experts and researchers

  • 2

    Prepare qualified leaders in the UAE space industry by implementing sustainable training programmes and creating a stimulating work environment that encourages innovation

  • 3

    Raise awareness of the importance of science, innovation and scientific exploration among the UAE community

  • 4

    Upgrade scientific facilities and infrastructure to support and develop scientific and technical tools and systems

  • 5

    Launch major scientific projects and missions, adopt effective management and harness the output of projects

  • 6

    Support the establishment of small- and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in the private sector through knowledge transfer programmes and incubators

  • 7

    Develop and innovate smart systems and applications that serve the community and decision makers in the UAE

  • 8

    Support the development of policies and laws governing the science sector, research and advanced technology

  • 9

    Launch strategic initiatives

  • 1

    Scientific research and exploration in the space sector

  • 2

    Satellite manufacturing and the development of space systems and technology

  • 3

    Providing high quality space imagery

  • 4

    Providing ground station services and support services for other satellites

  • 5

    Providing consultancy services for companies and government-level decision makers

  • 6

    Raising awareness about space science and technology among community members and motivating the new generations to innovate


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