Get close up to real satellites! Learn what it takes to become an astronaut or space engineer! MBRSC hosts tours for school students that spark their interest in space sciences and motivates them to work hard in the areas of science, maths and technology.


Students get the chance to soar high at MBRSC, with exciting guided school tours that offer opportunities to engage with the UAE’s space science and exploration projects first hand. Among other topics about:

  • Satellite manufacturing, launch and image monitoring.
  • Emirates Mars Mission – Hope Probe, that is expected to reach Mars by 2021.
  • The ongoing work of MBRSC, with the chance to meet the centre’s engineers and scientists, who work hard to make the UAE one of the most scientifically advanced countries in the region.


Guided MBRSC tours are open to all academic institutions and promise a one-of-a-kind learning experience for students of all ages. The tour programme includes:

  • A guided tour of the labs
  • A guided tour of the Antenna Control Room
  • An opportunity to see the model satellites that were built and tested before launching the final satellite to space
  • An opportunity to see the life-sized models of DubaiSat-1 and DubaiSat-2
  • An opportunity to meet and chat with one of MBRSC’s senior engineers
  • A brief talk about the UAE satellites
  • A brief talk about the Emirates Mars Mission - Hope Probe
  • Finally, if the timing is right, students will get the chance to witness a satellite as it passes over MBRSC to send back the data it has collected during its last orbit around the Earth
If you wish to book a school tour, fill out the School Tours Form and send it to the following email address: [email protected].
To book or to find out more information, click here. For more inquiries, contact us at: 046071277.
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